Current Governors

Chair Lt Col (Ret’d) E Davidson
Vice Chair Mrs J Lund/Mr D McLenachan
STEAM Ms K Porter/ Cllr T Tariq
Safeguarding Cllr D Gunther
Health and Safety Mr C Warriner
Inclusion Mrs J Szpunar
Vulnerable Groups Cllr S Southworth
Student Voice Ms U Farooq
Parent Link Mrs M Murray  (Mr C Warriner)
Prevent Strategy Mr M Hamie
Careers Mr G Kirkman
Website Mrs M Murray (Mr C Warriner)
CYPIC Mrs J Szpunar
Literacy  Ms S Burn
Maths Mr D McLenachan
Attendance  Mrs Lund


Name Governor Type Date of appointment Appointment End Voting rights Relevant
business & pecuniary interests
Chair – Lt Col (Ret’d) E Davidson Co-opted Governor 01/09/15 31/08/19  All governors have full voting rights None
Vice Chair – Mrs J Lund Co-opted Governor 01/09/15 31/08/19 None
Ms S Burns Staff Governor 15/11/16 14/11/20 None
Mrs U Farooq Parent Governor 22/11/17 21/11/21 None
Cllr D L Gunther Co-opted Governor 01/09/15 31/08/19 None
Mr M Hamie Parent Governor 07/01/17 06/01/21 None
Mrs P Jones-Greenhalgh Co-Opted Governor 26/3/19 25/03/23 None
Mr G Kirkman Co-opted Governor 01/09/15 31/08/19 None
Mr D McLenachan Co-opted Governor 03/12/15 02/12/19 None
Ms M Murray Parent Governor 16/01/17 15/01/21 None
Miss K Porter Co-opted Governor 15/12/17 14/12/21 None
Cllr S Southworth LA Governor 01/09/15 31/08/19 None
Mrs  J Szpunar Co-opted Governor 15/11/16 14/11/20 None
Cllr T Tariq Co-Opted Governor 15/12/17 14/12/21 None
 Mr C Warriner  Parent Governor  22/11/17  21/11/21  None