Not Fake News

Enrichment Units

Not Fake News is a social forum where students can share their views and passions about crucial topics happening worldwide.

It’s the perfect way to be more aware of life outside The Derby High School and provides an opportunity to develop valuable debating skills and educate ourselves on stimulating matters.

Club sessions include discussion of anything of interest from the previous week’s news, to reading a variety of newspapers, choosing an article of interest to discuss with the group, or welcoming a guest speaker on a chosen topic.

Staff MemberMiss S Egan & Ms C Batten
Time and Day
  • After school Wednesday or Tuesday
  • 6 Weeks initially
Aims of the course
Skills you will learn
  • This develops students’ wider skills as demonstrated in both History and Religious Studies of evaluating the reliability of sources and creating a reasoned argument to a variety of social affairs topics and issues
  • We believe in teaching the critical thinking skills needed to navigate the news, and recent events have put some big political issues at the forefront of students’ minds.
  • Reasoning and evidence: turning facts and statistics into a strong argument.
  • Listening and responding: listening critically to the other side’s argument, and using what you hear to develop a well-reasoned response.
  • Organisation and prioritisation: knowing how to structure your speaking, and when to say the things you want to say.
What you will need
  • Empathy
  • Willingness to learn
  • An interest in Social Justice
  • Interest in current affairs
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