Our Curriculum

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Our aim is to equip every student with a deep understanding and enjoyment...
English will enable you to enjoy and explore thousands of incredible books...
We aspire to to produce learners who are skilled critical thinkers...
Our role is to develop the visual language techniques and experience of students...
In Business, you will gain a theoretical and practical insight so you will not only...
Creative Digital Media
Media plays a huge part in our lives and in this department we aim to give students...
Dance aims to inspire students to believe and achieve their full potential...
Design & Technology
Our role is to encourage, inspire and challenge our students, to better equip...
Through Drama we enable students to use dramatic techniques, including...
Food Studies
Food studies is an important life skill relevant to all, and is a key subject...
Geography is a vital topic to study because it allows every student to gain...
Within History, students learn the skills needed for future careers, for example...
Integrated Humanities helps students to understand some of the important...
ICT & Computer Science
We aim to allow all learners to develop their capability, creativity and...
Modern Foreign Languages
In MFL, French is taught from Year 7 and German is taught to top sets...
Music aims to develop all pupils' creativity, confidence and ability...
Physical Education
Our aim is to inspire a love of sport and exercise, instilling self confidence...
"R" Time
Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education is an important...
Religious Education
The course aims to give students a sense of identity and a real understanding...
Resilience Programme
Never forget that you are incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to learn...

The Resilience Curriculum:

R = Real world

E = Engaging and Enriching

S = Skills for Life

I = Inclusion

L = Leadership

I = Independence

E = Encourages Reflection

N = Next steps

C = Challenge

E = Ethics and Empathy

The three foci for each years’ curriculum are:

Year 7
  • Ready to learn
  • Sense of belonging
  • Meeting high expectations
Year 8
  • Ready for the future
  • Sense of excitement
  • Embedding high expectations
Year 9
  • Ready for choices
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Setting high expectations

At Key Stage 3, as well as the more academic subjects, we offer the creative arts, a variety of technologies and sport, namely:

English, mathematics,

Science, French, humanities (geography, history, religious studies)

Art, computing, dance, drama, expressive arts, food studies, ICT, PE, The Resilience Programme, music.

At Key Stage 4, students take core subjects (maths, English, science, PE) and are offered many rigorous and challenging academic courses plus a range of exceptional vocational courses such as BTECs.

At this stage, four options are available to each student: Art, business studies, creative digital media, dance, drama, food studies, French, geography, German, history, ICT, music, PE, religious studies, resistant materials, triple sciences, photography, computer science. The student will decide which four options they will study.

“The curriculum is broad and balanced. Clear and appropriate pathways are offered at Key Stage 4. The curriculum at Key Stage 3 has a strong focus on building aspirations, self-confidence and improving literacy skills.” – Ofsted

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