Parent Voice

 A response to our Parent Voice meetings

You said that you …


We did
Were concerned that we did not have sufficient toilets in school. We are looking into opening toilets on B corridor for Y7 use (finances permitting).
Would like more information about options. We hosted an evening for Y9 parents to come in and discuss KS4 options.

All curriculum information is now clearly displayed on the website.

We gave you the opportunity to speak with a senior member of staff about your son/daughter’s options at a Parent Voice meeting.

Would like the school planner to be promoted more. The planner will be discussed at the next Parent Voice meeting
Wanted us to review our procedures for children with Type 2 Diabetes. Staff have undergone training on the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes.
Wanted another opportunity to discuss your child’s progress in Year 11. An additional Parents’ Evening was hosted for parents of students who were not making expected progress in order to discuss their child’s progress.
Required help to support your son/daughter with revision. Our Pastoral Deputy produced an informative text: ‘ How Can Parents Make A Difference?’
Would like material that is distributed during parent voice meetings to be published on the website. A Parent Voice tab is being added to the parent section of our website.
Didn’t feel that there were enough trips for all children. Despite the Arts and Science teams running over a hundred trips last year, we are now working on creating trips and experiences for all. Every child in the school has been offered the opportunity to attend an end of year experience. Every child in Y7 went on the pantomime trip and all Y7 students were invited to attend a trip to Magna.
Would like to know what was on our curriculum. We have published our curriculum maps for every subject on the school website.
Felt that it would be helpful to receive information about where you could take your son/daughter in order to improve their subject knowledge. The curriculum maps on the school website include details of exciting and interesting places to visit with your child/children.
Would like students to receive a visual careers document that made it clear what careers were available if you opted for a particular subject. This request has been shared with the Curriculum Deputy.
Wanted to receive the information about Parent Voice meetings two weeks prior to the meeting. In addition, we should publish the dates on MyEd. This will be an expectation for future meetings.

All Parent Voice meetings to be published on the website.


Thought parents should be invited to attend a STEAM event. We invited some of the new Y6 parents to afternoon tea.

We plan to host a community afternoon in the new school year.

Thought it would be useful to conduct a skills audit of parents. Following a successful staff audit, Mrs Provoost will create a skills audit. Parents/carers will have the option to complete a voluntary audit when they attend other events in school.
Felt that we would benefit if we invited local businesses in one afternoon. Mrs Provoost is arranging for an afternoon tea event, to be held on Friday 15th September, during which students will pitch their ideas, for the new STEAM cultural space, to our visitors and ask for their support with creating the new space.




You said that you …


We …
would like a timeline of events produced a calendar of events which we published to parents.
would like us to plan some social events planned a fund raising trip to Peel Tower 5.11.17

Summer Festival 12.7.17

In addition to many other school events.

were dissatisfied with the bus service met with the Mayor and Local Councilor regarding the buses. We contacted both bus companies and we are waiting for their responses.


would benefit from more parental engagement evenings hosted two extra parental engagement evenings, in addition to the full parents’ evenings for year 11; an additional parental engagement evening for year 10 is being planned; a transition evening for Y6; two Y7 parents’ evenings; a parents’ evening and options evening for year 9 and a parents’ evening for Y8.


needed us to improve how we communicated homework tasks have trialed Sims Learning Gateway which will allow us to log homework.


didn’t understand the new grading system and flight paths distributed information on flight paths and targets: Mrs Lamb explained the new grading system.
wanted letters to go out with the interim reports explaining the levels


will send a letter with the next set of interim reports
would like to discuss the reward system further will invited Mr Kerr to present at our next meeting
felt that parents could get more involved in school-life distributed a skills audit to all parents, responses have been collated. As a result 15 year 7 girls have visited Manchester Metropolitan University, exhibited work, debated and toured the science labs; parents participated in the Deputy Headteacher Interviews; parents

·         will accompany the French trip;

·         will coach the Y7 Boys’ Football team

·         played in the ‘Our House’ pit band


Would like a ‘Human Library’ like Salford Royal Hospital have


started to record careers vlogs.
Suggested a parent voice café at our Winter Showcase


opened a café at the Winter Showcase.
Suggested we have a parent voice café at the school production


opened a café each night of the production.
Would like to be identified as members of the Parent Voice group.


will make identity badges for members of Parent Voice to wear at school events
Were concerned about queues at lunchtime have changed the queuing systems at lunchtime (Year 7s have a separate queue).
Were concerned about movement of 935 children around school Conducted Health & Safety audits and we have implemented a keep to the left system on all corridors and stair ways.





You said that you …


We …
wanted a clear key to acronyms used on reports.  will produce a key with reports.


were concerned about earlier start and finish to the school day. opened a breakfast and afterschool homework club.
wanted to know when homework was set. have improved the use of the planners and we are using Sims to record when homework is not completed on time.
wanted us to include letters on the website. added letters to the website under ‘School Letters & Downloads’.
would like exam timetables adding to the website. added the Y11 mock exam timetable on the student area of the website: ‘GCSE Mock Exam 2018-2019’.
were concerned that rewards weren’t always issued consistently. are monitor how rewards are issued and this is a common agenda item in departmental meetings.
felt that we could raise money as a parents group. ‘Friends of The Derby’ to launch Autumn 2018.

Mrs Provoost has submitted the first bid on behalf of the group.

wanted a text to be sent home when letters are sent home. put messages out via MyEd when we issue letters.