Prefect System Information

Prefect System 2019

Applications are either by letter or students can be nominated by form tutors.
Selected students will be called SENIOR PREFECTS and will be awarded a BLUE TIE. You will be in a position of authority in school amongst peers.
Senior Prefects will have an allocated duty day.
In September, all Year 11 students will have the opportunity to apply to be a prefect and will be issued with a red tie.
Students will also have to opportunity to represent departments and be affiliated to a certain department.

Consistently Demonstrate a Positive Approach to School Life

You will also have demonstrated a consistently positive approach to the school and your learning, this means:

  • Attendance is over 95%
  • Reliability – good attendance and punctuality
  • Presentation – Wearing full school uniform (shirt, tie, footwear, blazer etc.)  Also, adherence to school expectations of jewellery and make up!
  • Good conduct – positive and co-operative conduct in all lessons
  • Respect – Positively acknowledging the authority of the schools at all levels
  • Organisation – Coursework and homework being completed within the set timescales
  • Ambition/Aspiration – Positive progress ATL reports, nothing less than an average of a 3 in your average ATL


In addition to the above, you will be committed to attend Senior Prefect duties as required: support the school during and beyond the normal school hours an participate in assemblies when required.


As a prefect you will always:

  • Uphold the school’s 7Rs and broader expectations
  • Carry out the duties required of you (preferential treatments to friends and family members will not be allowed)
  • Be a good ambassador for the school and for your year
  • Correctly wear full school uniform
  • Maintain good attendance (95%) and be punctual for school and lessons
  • Maintain ATL grades throughout key stage 4

Why do it?

  • Aspire to lead others
  • Want to make a difference
  • Showcase what skills you have to offer
  • Earn the respect of your peers within school

Application process

Please write a letter on how you can demonstrate the following:

  • Reliability
  • Presentation
  • Good conduct
  • Upholding the 7Rs
  • Respect
  • Organisation
  • Aspirations
  • What you think you can offer the school as a Senior Prefect

Please ensure that you have the support of your parents/carers in your application

Final info and deadline for 2019

  • Guidelines will be handed out by your form tutors
  • Read about the process and don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • If interested then get your letter written and handed in to Mrs Wilkinson’s office on C Floor

Deadline: Monday 18th March 2019