Resilience Programme

1Getting to Know YouWhat is the resilience programme?SENSE OF BELONGING:
we are ambassadors of The Derby High School
Produce a Real-World Profile (achievements, attributes, interests, aspirations, skills, targets and experiences). This profile will be available and accessible on the school system
Read a range of articles and extracts to develop stamina as a reader
– engage in conversations about texts
– demonstrate that they can infer beyond the literal meaning of a text
– locate, retrieve and draw on a variety of sources
2Team TalkThe article from The Guardian Newspaper:
Nepalese children cross river by cable in ‘world’s most dangerous school run’
Ready to learn,
Never forget that you are incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to learn.
3Enriching Experiences at The Derby High SchoolSelect a news story off The Derby High School Website:
The Derby High School
Sense of belonging: we are ambassadors of The Derby High School
4Enrichment in the CommunityExtract 1 from ‘I Am Malala’ Young Readers’ Edition by Malala Yousafzai
5My future Self – 2039Extract 2 from ‘I Am Malala’ Young Readers’ Edition by Malala YousafzaiREADY TO LEARN: Aspire to be the best that you can be
6Inspirational PeopleExtract 3 from ‘I Am Malala’ Young Readers’ Edition by Malala Yousafzai
7Careers TalkSelect a First Careers Job Profile to readREADY FOR THE REAL WORLD

Never forget that you are incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to learn. Not everyone is lucky enough to be educated and you must make the most of that opportunity in each and every lesson. The Resilience Programme will equip you with the skills that you need in order to prepare for your future success.

In the first unit, Happy, Healthy & Successful, you will design a bespoke aspirational flight path and produce a career profile which will help you to record your achievements, track your skills development and evidence the exciting experiences that you have throughout the year. Our student leaders will visit some of your lessons in order to participate in activities and help you to celebrate your successes. (Don’t be alarmed if you do not understand some of the phrases used, you will  become familiar with them as the programme progresses).

We all learn in different ways. In the second term, ‘Learning to Learn’, you will explore some new learning styles. You will participate in independent learning challenges and we will teach you how to

learn by helping you to understand how you learn most effectively (your preferred learning styles).

Finally, in the Summer term we will put your resilience to the test when we place ‘Real-world Learning’ at the heart of an extended learning challenge. If your project is successful, you will have the opportunity to present your work to a panel of professionals at an exciting venue.

We will use every opportunity to get you face to face with local professionals and out and about in our community participating in enrichment activities which will increase your cultural capital and give you real world experiences.

We are all extremely proud to belong to The Derby High School, one of the most successful schools in our authority. You are all ambassadors of the school and you all have the power to make a real difference to peoples’ lives. Making a contribution to your community and participating in enrichment activities are a very important part of your journey. Your enrichment profile will allow you to set yourself challenges and earn rewards for your efforts. 

Hard work will always be rewarded.