Travel Details

The Derby High School’s central location makes it ideally situated for travel from any part of Bury, Radcliffe, Little Lever and even further afield.

Numerous bus routes pass right in front of the school gates or 200 yards away on Manchester/Bury Road.

There are lots of buses which travel to the Bury Interchange. Many of our pupils walk to and from the Interchange daily (approx. 12 minutes).

If you need any more information regarding transport or claiming free travel please contact the School Office on 0161 764 1819.


Transport To And From Radcliffe – Effective From 1/9/2015

799 Morning Bus

Ainsworth Arms/Higher Ainsworth Road (8:10) , Turks Road, Countess Lane, Kilburn Road, Westminster Avenue, Coronation Road, Turks Road, Ainsworth Road, Water Street, Spring Lane, Bury Road, Radcliffe Road to The Derby High School (8:35)

799 Afternoon Bus

Radcliffe Road opposite The Derby High School (15:50), Bury Road, Spring Lane, Water Street, Ainsworth Road, Turks Road, Coronation Road, Westminster Avenue, Kilburn Road, Countess Lane, Turks Road, Higher Ainsworth Road/Ainsworth Arms (16:10)


Transport To And From Walmersley And Bury – Effective From 1/09/2015

487 Morning Bus

Nangreaves Bus Turning Area (8:02), Mount Pleasant, Walmersley Old Road, Walmersley Road, The Rock, Rochdale Road, Angouleme Way, Haymarket Street, Bury Interchange (8:25), Manchester Road, Redvales Road, Whitefield Road, Radcliffe Road to The Derby High School (8:35)

487 Afternoon Bus

The Derby High School (15:55), Radcliffe Road, Manchester Road, Knowsley Street, Haymarket Street to Bury Interchange (16:03), Angouleme Way, Rochdale Road, The Rock, Walmersley Road, Walmersley Old Road to Nangreaves Bus Turning Area (16:19))

487 Afternoon Bus for the early finish on Wednesdays

The Derby High School (14:45), Radcliffe Road, Manchester Road, Knosley Street, Haymarket Street to Bury Interchange, Angouleme Way, Rochdale Road, The Rock, Walmersley Road, Walmersley Old Road, Nangreaves Turning Area (15:04)