Uniform – Girls

Uniform can be purchased from local uniform suppliers such as PT’s and Monkhouse

Blazers can also be purchased from supermarkets or department stores (Badges are available to purchase from the main school office)

  • Navy Blue Blazer with Derby High School badge
  • White shirt
  • School Tie
  • Black trousers. These should not be skin tight. They should not be made of lycra or denim material and should be full length and not above the ankle.
  • No Leggings. Alternatively, black skirt of knee length. If worn, skirts should not be skin tight and not have splits. They should not be made of lycra or denim material.
  • Apron (for Technology/Art)
  • V-neck Navy plain pullover (optional for winter months with no logo or print)
  • Practical outdoor coat or anorak –  No fashion outer wear including leather, denim, sweatshirts/hooded tops, bandanas or baseball caps. Outdoor clothing should not be worn when inside the school building.
  • Shoes – Plain black practical leather (not canvas shoes, trainers/ material sports shoes).  No logos, oversized buckles or metal detailing or brightly coloured laces. Fashion shoes e.g. high heels, open toes or slip on shoes are not suitable.Boots or shoes above the ankle should not be worn if wearing a skirt. Students wear their footwear five days a week. It is important they are suitable and sturdy.
  • Tights/socks –  Black tights or plain white or black socks between ankle and knee length. No patterned tights.
  • Jewellery – No jewellery with the exception of a wrist watch and for girls with pierced ears one pair of studs (one in each ear). No other piercings are allowed.
  • Makeup – If worn must be subtle and natural in colour. No nail varnish/gel or false nails.
  • Hairstyles – Extreme hairstyles or unnatural colours are not permitted. Fully shaven heads and fully shaven parts or shaved patterns or lines in hair or eyebrows are not permitted. If religious headwear is worn, it must be plain black or navy blue. Hair accessories if worn should be subtle and black or navy blue.

Physical Education And Sports:

  • Navy blue skirt with navy blue cycling shorts or PE Knickers underneath or plain navy blue shorts
  • Navy blue plain tracksuit trousers may also be worn for warmth
  • Plain white polo shirt
  • Navy blue sweatshirt/jumper may also be worn for warmth
  • Plain white or navy socks or plain navy blue football socks
  • Trainers or sports shoes (for indoor PE or on the tennis courts)
  • Long hair should be tied back in practical subjects for health and safety reasons