Inspired to Make a Difference

GM Higher

Greater Manchester Higher is a collaborative network of higher education providers in Greater Manchester who are working together to provide high quality, impartial information, advice and guidance about higher education with the aim of increasing awareness and raising ambitions amongst talented learners in Greater Manchester. We are working in close collaboration with GM Higher to ensure that all students are encouraged and supported to progress to Higher Education.

Since returning to school after the Christmas holidays we have put in place the following Greater Manchester Higher activities:

  • Higher Education  Uncovered assemblies delivered to over 750 students in years 8,9,10 and 11.
  • The Derby High Schools` graduate advisor Sam is providing drop in sessions on Wednesdays week b from 12.30 till 1.20pm over in Inspire  for students to get additional support and advice about Higher Education
  • Star Board game for Year 9 students is a large board game that introduces KS3 students to higher education through an exciting team activity. Human counters move around the board as each team answers a series of questions relating to higher education. Answers are given through mime, drawing, multiple choice questions and spelling, so there’s something for everyone.
  • Year 9 and year 10 extra support for Maths students:   “The ‘Maths Club’ programme offers year 9 and 10  students the opportunity to develop and improve their mathematics skills as they approach GCSE assessment. It is designed to build and strengthen pupils’ understanding of key curricular topics and enhance their preparation for Foundation or Higher tier mathematics exams. ‘Maths Club’ is a programme of up to three years of support as participating students will be able to attend events in Year 9, 10 Each involved school will commit to having 12 pupils from its Year 9 cohort to attend practical and curriculum focused Maths Challenge Days at Manchester Metropolitan University twice a year throughout the 3-year programme. Maths Challenge Days will seek to inspire and motivate students, improve their learning experience in mathematics, and ultimately increase their attainment.”
  • The Aspirational Leadership Spirit programme runs and is funded by Greater Manchester Higher who work with a cohort of 20  year 10 students every early closure to raise aspirations, educate about HE and develop leadership skills and qualities. This is a unique programme within The Derby High School. Thanks to Greater Manchester Highers’ funding we were able to take the cohort of students to a 3 day residential to Colomendy in North Wales in the autumn term to build on the foundations of leadership and aspirations.
  • Enact Year 11 drama performance in December 2017 180 students watched a performance to engage, educate and interest them into higher education. This was delivered by an outside company funded by Greater Manchester Higher. It was very well received and then 25 selected students were invited to stay after the performance for a more detailed workshop.