Inspired to Make a Difference

Prefect System

Year 10 / 11 Prefect System Information

All students are encouraged to work towards applying to be part of the School Prefect Team during Y10, introduced by a year 10 group assembly towards the end of the Autumn Term.

Prefects are ambassadors for the school and, with positions of authority in school amongst peers, are role models to other students. The role enables students to demonstrate their leadership potential, develop transferable skills and experience working in a professional team. This experience is also a valuable addition to the Personal Statement or relevant skills section of any future college, apprenticeship or job applications.

Prefects will have designated duty responsibilities and will also have to opportunity to represent the school, the departments, or certain areas, at different times throughout their time in position. Not only does the experience of Prefect prepare students further for their educational and employment journey, it provides opportunities for students to develop themselves outside the classroom.

Once appointed, Prefects receive a special tie and badge, which they are expected to wear at all times. There two further opportunities during Y10 for existing Prefects to apply to be Team Leaders, Senior Prefects, Deputy Head Students and Head Students. Other Y10 students are also encouraged to apply / re-apply to be Prefects during these two further opportunities.

The KS4 Prefect System timeline is as follows:

End of Autumn TermY10 Wave 1 Team Prefects & Team Leaders
Beginning of Spring TermY10 take over active duties from Y11 so that Y11 can concentrate on GCSE’s and attend lunchtime enrichment / revision sessions. Y11 can retain non-active Prefect Status but must uphold expectations.
End of Spring TermY10 Wave 2 Team Prefects, Team Leaders & Senior Prefects
Mid-Summer TermY10 Wave 3 Team Prefects, Team Leaders, Senior Prefects, Deputy Head Students & Head Students
Mid-Summer of Y10 through to Mid-Summer of Y11Head Students and Deputy Head Students are in post

By becoming a Prefect, students can gain opportunities to:

  • Take pride in their role and contribute to school
  • Gain confidence in fulfilling the role successfully
  • Realise that they are able to make an independent contribution to school or to a team
  • Demonstrate that they can be a role model to others
  • Gain achievement points for completing duties and maintaining standards
  • Use a lunch pass on duty days
  • Participate in reward events and prefect trips
  • Build soft skills and enhance their CV
  • Be better prepared for college and beyond
  • Aspire to lead others and to make a difference
  • Showcase what skills they have to offer
  • Earn the respect of their peers within school
  • Experience an application and selection process in a professional capacity.

Like any job application in the working world, our application asks for certain criteria, some of which is essential to the role and some of which is desirable.

The criteria is set out in the style of a job description and person specification, resembling a professional vacancy advert, to give students a flavour of a professional post-16 application process.

To be considered for the position of Prefect, students are expected to:

  • Consistently demonstrate a positive approach to school life and learning
  • Have excellent attendance (extenuating circumstances will be considered)
  • Be reliable, with good punctuality
  • Show commitment – Attend prefect duties as required
  • Support the school during and beyond the normal school hours occasionally, and participate in assemblies when required
  • Uphold the school’s 7Rs and broader expectations
  • Be a good ambassador for the school and for peers
  • Maintain ATL grades throughout key stage 4
  • Be well presented – Correctly wear full school uniform (shirt, tie, footwear, blazer etc.) 
  • Adhere to the school’s expectations in relation to jewellery and make up!
  • Have good conduct – positive and co-operative conduct in all lessons
  • Demonstrate respect – Positively acknowledging the authority of the schools at all levels
  • Be well organised – Coursework and homework being completed within the set timescales
  • Ambition/Aspiration – Positive progress ATL reports, nothing less than an average of a 3 in your average ATL

In line with standard practices in the working world, any unsuccessful students are given individual feedback about their application, by letter. This enables students to work towards improving themselves in the areas identified and they are encouraged to re-apply.

Students should ensure that they have the support of parents/carers for their application. Mrs Linton is the Students’ Aspirations Lead and oversees the management of the Prefect System. Students are expected to regularly check their student emails for regular updates in relation to the Prefect Team and are welcome to contact Mrs Linton for support, advice and information.