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Attendance, Punctuality & Rewards


Attendance & Punctuality

Welcome to our SOL Attendance Diamond. Here is the Derby we recognize the link between good attendance and punctuality and positive academic progress and attainment. We strive to consistently improve and encourage good attendance to school. Students will record their attendance data in their planner each week and they will be aware of what color group they fall into. We want to work with parents to ensure our students work towards remaining in the green group throughout the year. We will keep parents updated on their child’s attendance through regular communication and will endeavor to support and work with parents where there are concerns with attendance and/or punctuality. Please find links on the school website to our attendance and punctuality policy and the launch letter for our SOL attendance.


At the Derby High School we run a rewards system called Bars and Stars which encourages students to achieve as many award points as possible throughout the year. There are a number of milestones which they must reach; at each milestone they will receive a school badge staring with Bronze and working up to Platinum by the end of the year. Each badge indicates the year which each badge was received.

Star badges are rewarded for more specific achievements. We ask that all students look after their bar badges as they are exchanged throughout the year for the next badge. There are termly assemblies to celebrate and reward student achievement.

There are a number of other reward events throughout the year, including our annual Awards Evening for our past year 11 students and our end of year Prize Giving events. We also host a number of Brunch mornings with the Headteacher for those students who have received the top awards. There are opportunities for all our students to be rewarded for their efforts in school.

Students receive postcards home, worth 5 reward points, for going above and beyond and producing outstanding work in a subject area