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Exam Information

At The Derby High School students undertake a variety of assessments include BTECs, Cambridge Nationals and GCSEs.   These examinations are overseen by the JCQ and students need to be aware of the exam regulations.  These are shared in assemblies, exam briefings and during R-Time.  Students starting Year 10 need to read and be aware of the following Information for Candidates published by JCQ.

Information For Candidates

The school exams policy, and the appeals policy, are available from the exams office.

Exam Day Information

For all your examinations you are required to attend in full school uniform and with all the equipment you will need for your examination.  This is a black pen, a pencil, a ruler, a sharpener and, for some exams, a calculator.  This should be in a clear pencil case with no logos.  You should not rely on being able to borrow equipment from the school.

You may also bring a bottle of water.  This must be in a transparent bottle with the label removed.

All exams queries should be directed to Miss O’Connor, the exams officer, using