Pupil Premium

The Derby High School is committed to ensuring that all students make the best possible progress. In our most recent Ofsted Inspection in 2014 achievement and attainment gaps between disadvantaged students and their peers have closed.

The Headteacher and senior team provide an uncompromising approach to securing the very best for the students in the school and a determination to provide the best life chances for all students.

As a result of a whole school approach over time, significant improvements in the performance of students from disadvantages backgrounds have been secured.

The Pupil Premium is being used to ensure that the school’s personalised approach to learning provides focused help and support, and our imaginative curriculum tailored to pupils’ needs are both highly effective in ensuring all pupils make excellent progress.


Actions focused on learning in the curriculum

providing expert intervention in literacy and numeracy, good pupil teacher ratios, a wide range of projects, small group work and individual support all focused on literacy and numeracy

Actions focused on enrichment beyond the curriculum and raising aspirations

providing a relevant rich and varied curriculum including memorable inspiring experiences, excellent academic and vocational routes and work related experience for all

Actions focused on social, emotional and behavioural issues

providing additional pastoral support to overcome the barriers to learning including professional counselling for children with emotional difficulties/family breakdown/bereavement

Actions focused on families and communities

Budget for all projects aimed at community, parental engagement, especially in preparation for transition to the school and overcoming barriers to learning and learning on transition



Pupil Premium students at The Derby High School attain better results and make more progress during their time here than do students nationally.

In 2015 49% of disadvantaged students attained 5+  A*-C with English and Mathematics. The National comparative figure is 36%. Overall attainment of this group of students was significantly above the national average. Attainment in the EBACC, Sciences and Languages is also significantly positive.

Progress measures for this group of students indicate that value added scores are significantly positive (for the third successive year) and the new Progress 8 measure is above the national average.The achievement and attainment gaps between disadvantaged students and their peers at The Derby High School have closed (Ofsted Nov 2014) and continue to do so.

Progression Post 16

94.7% of Pupil Premium School Leavers progressed to full time education or a job with training in 2015.